While I breath

Doing a spin on the bucket list and making a while I breath I want to list. So focusing more on doing stuff while I live, making the most of that rather than a to do list with the end point being death.

At the moment it is a bit rough around the edges and not got a lot on it however it is a work in progress, bit like life really.

So here it is.

While I breath I want to:

– Volunteer for a Mountain rescue team

– See New Year in New York

– See New Year in Edinburgh

– See the Stonehaven fireballs at New Year

– Go to the Tattoo in Edinburgh

– Lock a Padlock with Kat in Paris

– Get Married

– Own a dog

– Buy a property

– Climb all the Munros (6/282) https://thatkitchendrawer.wordpress.com/munros/ ‎

– Visit Alaska

– Horse ride across a beach

– Learn to snowboard

– Learn to rock climb

– Go to a rugby match in a kilt

– Raise 1 million pounts for charity: not all the same charity and includes what raised being a part of a team ( £250/£1000000)

– Complete a Tough Mudder

– Visit Machu Picchu


1 thought on “While I breath

  1. New Years in NYC will be a feat! I hear you need to enter little pens in Times Square around 10am and you can’t leave even for the bathroom until after the ball drops! I wish you the best with this list!

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