Need the fitness

A month ago I went on a mountain biking course up at Glenmore lodge near Aviemore. Was great fun and learnt loads but the main thing that I got from it is that I need to be a hell of a lot fitter. Need to get fitter for mountain biking and walking, generally just fitter!

Today went for a cycle down at Loch Ard. Beautiful day for it. 
Haven’t been out on my bike since the course and could definitely tell. Had to walk up a couple of hills that I usually make however did make it down a hill that I have always found far to steep. Need to get out more that is for sure. Great exercise for Maia as well, she is now knackered from it. At the end of the ride she was looking at me like ‘can I just walk now?’

Feel at the moment that have all the gear but just not the fitness to put it into action. 

Not 100% true but the main thing that I need to work on. This weekend have also felt a bit more sluggish which I think is down to the fact that food that I have eaten in the past week hasn’t been the healthiest. Need the right fuel!


Cuisine and Comedy for C

So we have moved onto the letter C for our date night and back to me to be the lead. Was particularly looking forward to this one as Kat has been really busy recently with uni so be good to have an evening to ourselves.

The main theme for the night was Comedy for C, we were off to see Alan Davies. Because we went for dinner first that is where the cuisine comes into it.

We went to Wagamamas for dinner. Their seating style can be quite interesting with sitting people right beside each other that are complete strangers. We were basically sitting at a table for four with two complete strangers. Slightly awkward! The food doesn’t always come out together and most of the time there isn’t that much of a delay unfortunately this time mine came out a lot sooner than Kat’s. Feel bad eating when she isn’t also hers wasn’t as good as it has been. However apart from that it was a really good meal. I could eat their tori kara age all night.

We both weren’t sure what to expect of Alan Davies haven grown up with him as Jonathan Creek and on QI however never heard of him as a stand up comedian. He was great! From the minute he walked on stage to his last joke it was laughs all round.



I do love a good night of comedy, very simple in that just sitting there watching one person on stage telling jokes but great fun. Also pretty cool that have now seen Alan Davies live.

Looking forward to the D date organised by Kat.

Pleasant evening.

We had another very pleasant and enjoyable date night last night.

This time we went for dinner at La Lombarda, which is Aberdeen’s oldest Italian restaurant. It was perfect: lovely little place, delicious food but of course it was the company and the chat that made it. One of the things I most lovely Continue reading