Need the fitness

A month ago I went on a mountain biking course up at Glenmore lodge near Aviemore. Was great fun and learnt loads but the main thing that I got from it is that I need to be a hell of a lot fitter. Need to get fitter for mountain biking and walking, generally just fitter!

Today went for a cycle down at Loch Ard. Beautiful day for it. 
Haven’t been out on my bike since the course and could definitely tell. Had to walk up a couple of hills that I usually make however did make it down a hill that I have always found far to steep. Need to get out more that is for sure. Great exercise for Maia as well, she is now knackered from it. At the end of the ride she was looking at me like ‘can I just walk now?’

Feel at the moment that have all the gear but just not the fitness to put it into action. 

Not 100% true but the main thing that I need to work on. This weekend have also felt a bit more sluggish which I think is down to the fact that food that I have eaten in the past week hasn’t been the healthiest. Need the right fuel!


Boot Camp

For the first bank holiday in May I went down to Clachan, Kintyre to spend the weekend with Morag ( Kat’s Mum and my future mother in law) to have an active weekend. It was training for Tough Mudder and Ben Nevis; we had jokingly called it Boot Camp!

The weather forecast wasn’t great for the whole weekend but the best bit looked like saturday morning so we were up nice and early on saturday to do Ben Vane. We started walking at 8.30am so did well with our early start. You start at the same place as you do for Ben Vorlich, Invergulas car park, the weather this time was a lot better. We could even see over the road and further!


Ben Vane is the smallest of the munros but very steep, didn’t take long to be sweating! We were well rewarded with the views though every time we stopped.

DSCF0477 DSCF0480 DSCF0482 DSCF0484

Since we did Ben Vorlich I have done a lot more training with having a PT and I noticed the difference. It was still hard work don’t get me wrong but doing squats and lunges has made my legs a lot stronger for going up hills and also just felt generally fitter. Made the experience a lot more enjoyable.


Being a typical Munro there was many false summits and being typical Scotland it was misty at the top so we couldn’t see anything but did eventually get there.

DSCF0490 DSCF0491 DSCF0492

We picked the best day to do the hill as once we started to descend the mist went and we even saw the sun at the end. None of the bad weather that was forecasted which was great! Up and back again in 7 hours and I have discovered that need to make sweet sandwiches as once start eating savoury ones takes a big effect to finish them.

DSCF0498 DSCF0499

So it may be the smallest but Ben Vane is very much not the easiest however well worth the climb. Ironically the next one I climb will be Ben Nevis which is the biggest munro.

Sunday to give our legs a bit of a rest we went with kayaking. Kayaked from Kennacraig to Ronachain which took us 3 hours. Would have been quick in sea kayaks but still a great paddle. Again couldn’t see a huge amount and this time did get rain but can’t have everything!

DSCF0500 DSCF0501 DSCF0503 DSCF0504 DSCF0508 DSCF0510 DSCF0512 DSCF0519 DSCF0520 DSCF0522 DSCF0526

Monday with legs recovered was a run: up Dunskeig, down the other side, onto the beach, run in the water, quick dip in the sea, back up along side the river and home. Was about a 50min run however no photos from this one since didn’t take the camera.

Photos taken on Monday were of all our foot wear from the weekend and the most amazing post run sandwich ever!

photo-21 photo-20

All in all boot camp was a huge success and I am sure good training.

Personal Trainer

Haven’t really blogged that much about how my training is going for the Tough Mudder and Ben Nevis. The main focus is the Tough Mudder ( TM ) as that is first and any training for that will help towards Ben Nevis, also training for doing  hillwalking is really about getting out there and doing it so trying to do that.

Tough mudder

Decided to get myself a personal trainer ( Duncan : ) so that my training sessions can be more focussed towards what I need. Picked a good one as he is also doing the TM; leading a team with another PT so now have a team to go around with as well.

Have only had a few sessions so far with him but already glad that I decided to go with getting a PT. A lot more focussed and it is good to have an extra motivation.

One of the main things that I need to work on is running, I am really not a runner at all. Always just found it really boring, that is getting better now that I am doing it outside and also I get shin splints so have had that to put me off. However I do know that I need to get running for doing the TM and also general fitness. Went for my first run with Duncan on thursday, was really apprehensive about it but actually went okay. Knackering but okay! Running on grass for most of the time which meant could keep going without my shins being too bad. Did 5km with only a very short break half way, it really wasn’t a fast pace at all but a start.

Plan is to be having two sessions with Duncan each week; mondays to be in the gym and thursdays to be running. Along with doing my own sessions and the hill walking at the weekend. Hopefully it is all going to help!

A Moment of Madness

So last Wednesday I signed up for Tough Mudder in Scotland. Here is the link for people who don’t know what I am talking about: Essentially it is an 10-12 mile run in mud with a lot of crazy obstacles thrown in which again involve mud and freezing water.

Am I insane? Probably but at the same time it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. My training will involve finding mud and crawling about in it, of course with a lot more, but that alone makes it an awesome event. I am a mixture of terrified and excited, just hoping can get my fitness up to a good level. Have managed to persuade one of my friends to do it with me so will have a training buddy and the hope is find a few more people to join up with to make a team.

Not only have I signed up to do this but the actual event the week before I climb Ben Nevis at night so a lot of training is going to have to happening in the next few months. Will be spending a lot of my time outside getting wet, cold and tired – can’t wait! Do need to be hitting the gym a lot as well; especially to work on my upper body strength a fair bit to be able to do monkey bars. Variety is going to be the key to training for this which should hopefully mean it stays interesting and don’t get too bored by it.

Plan to take photos of myself each week to hopefully start to notice a difference. Took some today; that in itself is a good incentive to get out training.

Plan for this week coming is:

Sunday – Hill walk

Monday – Gym

Tuesday – Circuits outside

Wednesday – Gym

Thursday – Circuits outside

Friday – Skipping

Saturday – Rest Day

As well as this Kat and I are also going to be doing a routine in the flat with dumb bells and exercises to work on abs every evening.

Now that I have signed up for this there is no thinking that I can’t be bothered going to the gym or go outside in bad weather I have to train. I am looking forward to getting started and pushing myself.

Tough mudder


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