If it’s not broke …..

Have just re water proofed my leather boots which I have had for over 15 years. Very satisfying looking after them and keeping them going. 

They have served me well so far and wish to get a good few more years out of them. As they say if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. Buy good equipment and then look after it. 



Need the fitness

A month ago I went on a mountain biking course up at Glenmore lodge near Aviemore. Was great fun and learnt loads but the main thing that I got from it is that I need to be a hell of a lot fitter. Need to get fitter for mountain biking and walking, generally just fitter!

Today went for a cycle down at Loch Ard. Beautiful day for it. 
Haven’t been out on my bike since the course and could definitely tell. Had to walk up a couple of hills that I usually make however did make it down a hill that I have always found far to steep. Need to get out more that is for sure. Great exercise for Maia as well, she is now knackered from it. At the end of the ride she was looking at me like ‘can I just walk now?’

Feel at the moment that have all the gear but just not the fitness to put it into action. 

Not 100% true but the main thing that I need to work on. This weekend have also felt a bit more sluggish which I think is down to the fact that food that I have eaten in the past week hasn’t been the healthiest. Need the right fuel!




(Picture from http://www.andy-kirkpatrick.com/images/made/images/pvbook_300_428_84.jpg)

My blogging recently has fallen a bit to the way side but plan to improve that. Have a list of about 5 things that need to blog about so expect to get a quick succession of blogs in the next few days before it settles down again.

I am beginning with a book that I read quite a few months ago but never quite got round to blogging about: Psychovertical by Andy Kirkpatrick. After seeing him talk back in March thought I would try reading one of his books and started with probably the one he is most famous with. 

Though I am not a rock climber myself ( yet anyway) I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and the same goes for the book. What came across in the book a lot more than I expected from hearing him talk is his need to climb above all else. Knowing he is leaving behind his family and what he is going to is extremely dangerous but that need to do it. Showing that human love isn’t everything and that you can have a pull towards something else.

Would like to read more of his books and though would never be a good or as extreme as Andy rock climbing is something that I would like to try at some point.

New Sport

Worked hard to get fitter and put in the training for Tough Mudder but want to keep that going. Have set some new goals with my personal trainer and one of them was taking up a new sport.

This has nicely co-insided with the rowing club starting up their novice nights. The rowing club is right beside us about a 2 min walk away so would seem a shame not to try out rowing. The river looks so inviting
a lot of the time as well.




Kat was up for starting rowing as well so we both went along to the sign up night a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately due to other commitments Kat and I wouldn’t be able to go together for quite a while. Kat had her first session last week and I had mine this evening.

It is weird not thinking like a kayaker and trying to think like a rower. Going to take time and practice but wanting to put that in, was great to get out on the water.

One thing that I need to work on is my flexibility, didn’t feel flexible at all this evening but least know I have a reason to do so. Excited about starting a new sport.

Listening to a God

A few months ago when we were at another talk I saw a poster for Sir Ranulph Fiennes giving his Living Dangerous talk in Aberdeen.


Couldn’t believe that was going to get a change to hear him talk. There was no second thought to whether tickets were going to be bought or not.

Though knowing who he is and what he has done I hadn’t actually read any of his book. Felt like that need to change so read : Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know.



Amazing book, reading what he has done in his life just leaves you in awe. Would throughly recommend it to anyone never mind whether you are interested in outdoors and expeditions. Looking forward to reading more of his books.

After reading the book I was even more excited about seeing him talk.


We went to see him on Friday and he was amazing! Really did like was listening to a god to speak, can’t believe got the chance to hear him. He was funny, interesting and inspiring.    Thought it would be good but was even better than that. A talk to remember for life.