New Shoes

Not one for looking or buying new shoes for the sake of it but when do see a pair I like I usually really like them. 

Have wanted to get a pair of five ten mountain biking shoes for ages and last week I finally ordered myself a pair. They arrived yesterday!!! 

Now today I am about to go try them out for the first time with Kat and Maia. First time we have all been out for a cycle together , Maia loved it the last time when just me and her as she could just run and run and run. 

Time to get muddy!


Laughs in the morning

One of the things that I love about my relationship with Kat is how much simple fun we have.  

Like this morning:

This box was used to transport all of Kat’s wool, she has a lot though probably not enough in her eyes. The wool got unpacked quite a while ago but for ages she has wanted to get a picture in this box so can put the caption: ‘ if I fits I sits, if I sits I knits’. Cause this of course what one must do with a box.  

Afterwards I then had to push her over in it and pour her out of it. As I said the simple things but great fun. 

Next Generation

Got to meet my friend’s little baby boy today, Innes. They are the first out of my uni friends to have a baby so next level of adulthood. 

He is very cute and I am excited to see him grow up and be apart of his life. 


Kat and I really wanting to have kids, thinking probably in about a couple of years. Kat to have the baby and for us to use sperm donation I think is what we are thinking about. It is starting to be the time when we look in to it in a bit more details. 

Home Alone

Kat is on placement for 6 weeks down in Manchester and left today to head there. So just me for the next 6 weeks. Was not easy saying bye this morning as I headed off to work. Hate goodbyes no matter for how long they are for.

Going down for a long weekend in 4 weeks however this will be the longest time that we have spent apart. Doesn’t quite feel real yet.

Got a few things on so will try to be staying busy but always find the first few days really don’t want to do anything.

She left my a few cute little notes around the house:



Missing her loads already.