Need the fitness

A month ago I went on a mountain biking course up at Glenmore lodge near Aviemore. Was great fun and learnt loads but the main thing that I got from it is that I need to be a hell of a lot fitter. Need to get fitter for mountain biking and walking, generally just fitter!

Today went for a cycle down at Loch Ard. Beautiful day for it. 
Haven’t been out on my bike since the course and could definitely tell. Had to walk up a couple of hills that I usually make however did make it down a hill that I have always found far to steep. Need to get out more that is for sure. Great exercise for Maia as well, she is now knackered from it. At the end of the ride she was looking at me like ‘can I just walk now?’

Feel at the moment that have all the gear but just not the fitness to put it into action. 

Not 100% true but the main thing that I need to work on. This weekend have also felt a bit more sluggish which I think is down to the fact that food that I have eaten in the past week hasn’t been the healthiest. Need the right fuel!


New Shoes

Not one for looking or buying new shoes for the sake of it but when do see a pair I like I usually really like them. 

Have wanted to get a pair of five ten mountain biking shoes for ages and last week I finally ordered myself a pair. They arrived yesterday!!! 

Now today I am about to go try them out for the first time with Kat and Maia. First time we have all been out for a cycle together , Maia loved it the last time when just me and her as she could just run and run and run. 

Time to get muddy!

New Sport

Worked hard to get fitter and put in the training for Tough Mudder but want to keep that going. Have set some new goals with my personal trainer and one of them was taking up a new sport.

This has nicely co-insided with the rowing club starting up their novice nights. The rowing club is right beside us about a 2 min walk away so would seem a shame not to try out rowing. The river looks so inviting
a lot of the time as well.




Kat was up for starting rowing as well so we both went along to the sign up night a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately due to other commitments Kat and I wouldn’t be able to go together for quite a while. Kat had her first session last week and I had mine this evening.

It is weird not thinking like a kayaker and trying to think like a rower. Going to take time and practice but wanting to put that in, was great to get out on the water.

One thing that I need to work on is my flexibility, didn’t feel flexible at all this evening but least know I have a reason to do so. Excited about starting a new sport.

Ben Nevis Midnight Challenge Completed

Have been meaning to blog about this for a while now, finally getting around to it.

As I blogged about way back in December 2013 : Myself, Kat and our friend Rachel had planned to climb Ben Nevis at night for Alzheimer’s society. On the night of the 21st/22nd we completed that challenge! 

Through sponsorship from friends, family and a couple of supermarket bag packs we had managed to raise our total of £1200 a few weeks before the event. We have even managed to go over that and today are currently sitting at £1255 which is fantastic. Donations for this event are accepted until the beginning of September so if you would like to donate please visit

The event started at Glen Nevis Visitor Centre car park on the evening of the 21st of June, we were the first lot of people there, partly because we drove ourselves rather than catching the bus. Keen beans!

beginning of BNMC DSCF0535

The whole adventure I would have to say was extremely well organised from the checking in procedures to the food being served and to the guides up on the hills with us. The company they used to organise the event; Discover Adventure was excellent and very professional.

We started walking at 10pm and had to reach the half way mark by 1am or else would need to turn back, we made it there by midnight. We weren’t all of the same fitness so were going at the pace of the slowest member which was fine, it wasn’t a race so slow and steady was going to get us to the top.


Most of the walk we didn’t need our head torches for apart from maybe 2-3 hours. Was the first time I have ever used a head torch so found that quite exciting. Interesting site of not being able to see the hill at all but seeing all these lights working there way up it.


We reached the top in about 6 hours, along with a couple of other people we were right at the back but that didn’t matter.




On the way back down we managed to get in some bum sliding on the snow which was great fun. Makes a hill walk to be able to do some bum shuffling/sliding.



The views got better as we descended and the daylight came back:

DSCF0591 DSCF0595 DSCF0596


There was one lady who was really struggling especially on the way back down, it ended up that Kat and a guide came down with her and Rachel and I got separated from them as we were further ahead with another guide. Wasn’t the end of the world, a shame not to descend as a team but really proud of Kat for being such a big help to the lady. Rachel and I got back down in 5 hours, arriving at 9am  so a total of 11 hours on the hill and Kat with the other lady did it in 7 hours so a total of 13 hours on the hill. Reaching the bottom was a very happy moment as was taking off our walking boots.


Thankfully Kat’s parents drove up to meet us afterwards and we went back to their house for a couple of days with one of them driving our car back down. Was knackered as to be expected and the rest of that day was really about staying awake until a reasonable time to go to bed. I slept for 14 hours straight that night which is something I never do, was an amazing night sleep.

The next evening we had a BBQ which was just the most perfect way to celebrate completing the challenge.

DSCF0605 DSCF0606 DSCF0613 DSCF0616 DSCF0620

Don’t think any of us would rush back to do Ben Nevis, was a very long long walk but great to do it plus to do it at night and of course to do it for such a great cause!

Tough Mudder


Thought would start with my finishing picture to show I managed to complete the 11.7 miles of Tough Mudder course on Saturday.

It was very tough and very muddy. Great to do though and even better to finish. Have signed up for next year already, not quite sure what that says but hey ho.

Really showed how much fitter I need to get so now have even more to aim for.

Had an amazing team. Really couldn’t have done it without them especially Duncan my PT.


Favourite obstacles had to be the one to do with water and least favourite were the high walls. Need to work on strength!

Still very happy to have done it and get the tshirt.



This Saturday is Ben Nevis at night!