Inbetweeners 2



Thoroughly enjoyed the first inbetweeners film, think it has one of the funniest scenes ever in a film : the dance across the empty club if you are wondering. So was very much looking forward to seeing the second one and I am happy to report that it didn’t disappoint. Wouldn’t say that it is as good as the first film but still got a lot of laughs out of me and would recommend it.

While I am sure that a third film would be funny I am glad that they are stopping there. Think there is only so long that you can carry on the story of 4 awkward lads, maybe a reunion film in years to come.

Would give the film 3.5/5 stars.





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My blogging recently has fallen a bit to the way side but plan to improve that. Have a list of about 5 things that need to blog about so expect to get a quick succession of blogs in the next few days before it settles down again.

I am beginning with a book that I read quite a few months ago but never quite got round to blogging about: Psychovertical by Andy Kirkpatrick. After seeing him talk back in March thought I would try reading one of his books and started with probably the one he is most famous with. 

Though I am not a rock climber myself ( yet anyway) I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and the same goes for the book. What came across in the book a lot more than I expected from hearing him talk is his need to climb above all else. Knowing he is leaving behind his family and what he is going to is extremely dangerous but that need to do it. Showing that human love isn’t everything and that you can have a pull towards something else.

Would like to read more of his books and though would never be a good or as extreme as Andy rock climbing is something that I would like to try at some point.