New Sport

Worked hard to get fitter and put in the training for Tough Mudder but want to keep that going. Have set some new goals with my personal trainer and one of them was taking up a new sport.

This has nicely co-insided with the rowing club starting up their novice nights. The rowing club is right beside us about a 2 min walk away so would seem a shame not to try out rowing. The river looks so inviting
a lot of the time as well.




Kat was up for starting rowing as well so we both went along to the sign up night a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately due to other commitments Kat and I wouldn’t be able to go together for quite a while. Kat had her first session last week and I had mine this evening.

It is weird not thinking like a kayaker and trying to think like a rower. Going to take time and practice but wanting to put that in, was great to get out on the water.

One thing that I need to work on is my flexibility, didn’t feel flexible at all this evening but least know I have a reason to do so. Excited about starting a new sport.


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