Listening to a God

A few months ago when we were at another talk I saw a poster for Sir Ranulph Fiennes giving his Living Dangerous talk in Aberdeen.


Couldn’t believe that was going to get a change to hear him talk. There was no second thought to whether tickets were going to be bought or not.

Though knowing who he is and what he has done I hadn’t actually read any of his book. Felt like that need to change so read : Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know.



Amazing book, reading what he has done in his life just leaves you in awe. Would throughly recommend it to anyone never mind whether you are interested in outdoors and expeditions. Looking forward to reading more of his books.

After reading the book I was even more excited about seeing him talk.


We went to see him on Friday and he was amazing! Really did like was listening to a god to speak, can’t believe got the chance to hear him. He was funny, interesting and inspiring.    Thought it would be good but was even better than that. A talk to remember for life.


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