Robyn Davidson walked 1700miles from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean in 1977 with four camels and her best friend, which of course would have to be a dog. In order to do the trek she needed money which came in the form of sponsorship from National Geographic. A part of the deal was having a photographer, Rick Smollan, meet up with her along the way to take photos for the magazine. Upon finishing the trek she then wrote an article to go along with the photos and went onto write a book : Tracks.

The book has been turned into a screenplay by Marion Nelson with actors Mia Wasikowska ( Robyn Davidson) and Adam Driver ( Rick Smollan) staring in it. Vital to the film is not just the humans but also her four camels and her dog, without them the film wouldn’t be as good.

The film isn’t likely to be a hit with everyone and very much not a main stream movie but I really enjoyed it for being something different. It isn’t hugely fast moving or any twists, violence or dramatic scenes however for all that it captures your attention for the 2 hours and you connect to the characters.

An inspirational film to see what some can do just because they can!




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