Personal Trainer

Haven’t really blogged that much about how my training is going for the Tough Mudder and Ben Nevis. The main focus is the Tough Mudder ( TM ) as that is first and any training for that will help towards Ben Nevis, also training for doing  hillwalking is really about getting out there and doing it so trying to do that.

Tough mudder

Decided to get myself a personal trainer ( Duncan : ) so that my training sessions can be more focussed towards what I need. Picked a good one as he is also doing the TM; leading a team with another PT so now have a team to go around with as well.

Have only had a few sessions so far with him but already glad that I decided to go with getting a PT. A lot more focussed and it is good to have an extra motivation.

One of the main things that I need to work on is running, I am really not a runner at all. Always just found it really boring, that is getting better now that I am doing it outside and also I get shin splints so have had that to put me off. However I do know that I need to get running for doing the TM and also general fitness. Went for my first run with Duncan on thursday, was really apprehensive about it but actually went okay. Knackering but okay! Running on grass for most of the time which meant could keep going without my shins being too bad. Did 5km with only a very short break half way, it really wasn’t a fast pace at all but a start.

Plan is to be having two sessions with Duncan each week; mondays to be in the gym and thursdays to be running. Along with doing my own sessions and the hill walking at the weekend. Hopefully it is all going to help!


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