Robyn Davidson walked 1700miles from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean in 1977 with four camels and her best friend, which of course would have to be a dog. In order to do the trek she needed money which came in the form of sponsorship from National Geographic. A part of the deal was having a photographer, Rick Smollan, meet up with her along the way to take photos for the magazine. Upon finishing the trek she then wrote an article to go along with the photos and went onto write a book : Tracks.

The book has been turned into a screenplay by Marion Nelson with actors Mia Wasikowska ( Robyn Davidson) and Adam Driver ( Rick Smollan) staring in it. Vital to the film is not just the humans but also her four camels and her dog, without them the film wouldn’t be as good.

The film isn’t likely to be a hit with everyone and very much not a main stream movie but I really enjoyed it for being something different. It isn’t hugely fast moving or any twists, violence or dramatic scenes however for all that it captures your attention for the 2 hours and you connect to the characters.

An inspirational film to see what some can do just because they can!




Personal Trainer

Haven’t really blogged that much about how my training is going for the Tough Mudder and Ben Nevis. The main focus is the Tough Mudder ( TM ) as that is first and any training for that will help towards Ben Nevis, also training for doing  hillwalking is really about getting out there and doing it so trying to do that.

Tough mudder

Decided to get myself a personal trainer ( Duncan : ) so that my training sessions can be more focussed towards what I need. Picked a good one as he is also doing the TM; leading a team with another PT so now have a team to go around with as well.

Have only had a few sessions so far with him but already glad that I decided to go with getting a PT. A lot more focussed and it is good to have an extra motivation.

One of the main things that I need to work on is running, I am really not a runner at all. Always just found it really boring, that is getting better now that I am doing it outside and also I get shin splints so have had that to put me off. However I do know that I need to get running for doing the TM and also general fitness. Went for my first run with Duncan on thursday, was really apprehensive about it but actually went okay. Knackering but okay! Running on grass for most of the time which meant could keep going without my shins being too bad. Did 5km with only a very short break half way, it really wasn’t a fast pace at all but a start.

Plan is to be having two sessions with Duncan each week; mondays to be in the gym and thursdays to be running. Along with doing my own sessions and the hill walking at the weekend. Hopefully it is all going to help!

Home Alone

Kat is on placement for 6 weeks down in Manchester and left today to head there. So just me for the next 6 weeks. Was not easy saying bye this morning as I headed off to work. Hate goodbyes no matter for how long they are for.

Going down for a long weekend in 4 weeks however this will be the longest time that we have spent apart. Doesn’t quite feel real yet.

Got a few things on so will try to be staying busy but always find the first few days really don’t want to do anything.

She left my a few cute little notes around the house:



Missing her loads already.

The Tent, The Bucket and Me






The Tent, the Bucket and Me is one of the best books that I have read this year and does a perfect job of portraying family camping. While it is set in the 70s I think it is almost timeless. If you have ever been camping with your family I think you find something to relate to in this book.

From falling in a bucket of urine to getting heat stroke this book is a laugh from the start to the end. Is it possible for every family holiday to have some sort of disaster in it? You will just need to read the book.

Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond)

Beginning of April myself, Kat, our friend Rachel and Kat’s Mum Morag climbed Ben Vorlich, the one at the north end of Loch Lomond. Not very nice weather wise but still great fun. First time have climbed a hill with a group of people and very much enjoyed it, looking forward to climbing more hills with people. I had walked around the area when younger and up to Loch Sloy but never done either of the two Munros so was looking forward to changing that.

Having to set off from Clachan meant that we have an early start, I was up at 5.30am with everyone else up at 6am. I am very much a morning person so was full of energy, I think to everyone’s annoyance,was singing along to music as I made my lunch for the day. Took just under 2 hours to get across to the Invergulas car park, got our waterproofs on as were going to need them ( Kat forgot her waterproof trousers, luckily had leggings and walking trousers ) and off we went.

DSCF0421 DSCF0422

We walked up the hydro path towards to the dam, we came off that path a bit before the path up the hill that the guide books all talked about but it didn’t really matter. It then became varying degrees of very steep. Unfortunately it was very foggy so we could see very little; slightly worked in our favour in the fact that we couldn’t see how steep it was but would have been to see the glorious views that the area has to offer.

DSCF0429 DSCF0431 DSCF0433 DSCF0446

As got we got higher we started to come across more and more snow. Was amazing how thick it was in some areas.

DSCF0443 DSCF0445 DSCF0450 DSCF0451 DSCF0452 DSCF0453 DSCF0462


With not being able to see anything at all was difficult to see how far we had to go or where the top was but we did eventually make it. Took us 5 hours not that it felt like it.

DSCF0458 DSCF0459



Coming back down the weather cleared a bit and stopped raining, though we couldn’t see a huge amount more it was better that on the way up. We then all had great fun bum sliding a lot of the way back down. Meant we were a lot quicker and was easier on the legs with it being so steep. At the bottom we had all pretty much given up trying to stay dry or clean and were sliding through water and mud. Great fun! My trousers were a bit worse to wear afterwards but good bit of duck tape and all is now fine.

DSCF0463 DSCF0464 DSCF0465 DSCF0467



The weather could have been a lot of better but thoroughly enjoyed the day. Would climb the hill again but would have to be good weather so could actually see the good views. Next Munro planned is Ben Vane which is right beside Ben Vorlich so hopefully will get good weather for that one.

The day was good training for Ben Nevis Midnight Challenge and also for the Tough Mudder.