Dining for One

On Friday I had some spare time to use up in Edinburgh before getting the train back up to Aberdeen. It was around dinner time so the big question was did I go to somewhere like Costa where being on your own isn’t an unusual sight or did I go to a restaurant.

A few years ago I went to New Zealand for a month on my own so I got over the awkwardness of going into a restaurant on your own. Wouldn’t meant I would go into every restaurant on my own I was fairly selective about it however you do start to get over the fact that you think everyone is staring at you. Hadn’t done it Britain until Friday.

I decided to go for a restaurant, it wasn’t overly busy so thought wouldn’t be obvious that was just on my own. Made the correct decision as had a lovely meal and didn’t feel self conscious at all.

Ate in a restaurant called Strada and had a delicious margarita pizza with house salad and diet coke. For me I think it is important to have a good book with you so that you have something to do. Then it is just getting over the fact that you think everyone is looking at you but to do that you have to go out and try it. Obviously would rather go out for dinner with Kat but there is some times when that isn’t possible and it is good to know that there is other options.



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