Pleasant evening.

We had another very pleasant and enjoyable date night last night.

This time we went for dinner at La Lombarda, which is Aberdeen’s oldest Italian restaurant. It was perfect: lovely little place, delicious food but of course it was the company and the chat that made it. One of the things I most lovelygo
about our relationship is that we can talk for hours about anything and everything. Quite a few times we have gone out for dinner and ended up staying another hour or so once it is finished just chatting away to each other.


After dinner we went to a talk by Andy Kirkpatrick ” Inappropriate climbing” which was superb. He is a rock climber, writer and comedian but even if you weren’t into rock climbing at all or anything outdoors it would still have been a great talk. Very entertaining with brilliant photos.


Overall a very enjoyable and successful date night.

Kat heard this DJ on radio 1 talking about doing dates by the alphabet and we thought we would give it a go. I have grabbed A as we are off to Amsterdam at the end of the month. So watch this space for how that goes.


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