Orientation Training

So I don’t know if I have said but I volunteered to be a dentist at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. Got an interview for it which had last year and found out I had been successful last November. Very excited!

Now all the training and everything else is just starting to happen. Yesterday was orientation training at the Emirates Arena, which is right beside Parkhead ( Celtic football ground). The arena includes the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome though we were based through in the large sports hall.


The few hours was about getting everyone excited and telling us more about the history of the games. Also got to learn a bit more about all the stadiums and areas in Glasgow that will be used for it. The head of each functional area was interviewed, crazy the numbers that are going into this. Just how many people and equipment are involved in getting it all together as well as running it when they start.

We also got to see the uniforms designed by Trespass for the first time. Look good and hopefully will be comfy to wear.

Photos below are taken off the BBC news webpage



I had a great time and it has got me very excited about what’s to come. Makes me proud to be from Glasgow and be able to be apart of this great event.


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