Lucky Lady

Kat really likes to bake and I really like to eat what she bakes. Yesterday I came home to this:


Chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs.The centre is choc chip cookie dough wrapped in choccy brownie dipped in chocolate! They were amazing! I love Kat and her love of baking.




2/4/14: Addition to blog – Here is the link to the blog that Kat got the recipe from


How To Be Good

Just finished reading How To Be Good by Nick Hornby. Another enjoyable and easy to read book by the author. Does make you ask questions which I suppose is one of the reasons for the book.
– What makes a good person?
– is it their job, their personal life
– do you need to make a difference in the world or on a smaller scale?
And so on.
Everybody will see it differently and it is as much to do with what you can live with as how other people perceive you.


The Lego Movie

Good to see a kids film every now and again, a lot of the time it can be one of the best films you see that year. The Lego Movie was good but not amazing, think been spoilt by Brave and Frozen. It was easily watchable with some funny parts to it and some underlying messages be brought across however would say was very much a kids film. Did have a song which is now stuck in my head. ” Isn’t it amazing….” 2.5/5 stars



I do love Liam Neeson in a good action film and Non-Stop lives up to that. One of the points that I like about watching Liam Neeson play an action figure who does fight signs, talks like he will hunt you to the end of the world and back is he is believable.

It is not a film that I would recommend to go see if you are scared of flying, not one to settle the nerves but apart from that would highly recommend it. Good acting, plot with twists and action. What more could you ask of a film?

If you enjoyed Unknown, Taken 1 and 2 then I don’t think you will be disappointed with this film. 4/5 stars.

Non Stop