“Best Laid Schemes”

So the week that has just passed was meant to be my first week of training for the Tough Mudder and Ben Nevis. Monday morning woke up feel stiff and a cough coming on, tried to ignore it but no such luck. Monday at work had to be one of the longest day ever, felt stiff, cold and awful all day.

Have had the flu all week, been hard enough to get from the bed to the sofa never mind do anything else. Tuesday and Wednesday I felt like death and sounded like a zombie. My fever broke on Thursday so have started to feel better little by little since then. Now I have a chesty cough and voice isn’t back to normal but apart from that I am a lot better.

Going to see how I am this week to how much training I can do. Essentially giving myself a pass as need to get better before can start training. Hopefully can get to the gym and stuff this week but will see how I am with being back at work. Don’t want to push myself too much when recovering from being ill, will save the push when I am better.

Fitting fit last sunday.

Fighting fit last sunday.

Photo is from the top of Scolty Hill last Sunday, this is when I was well. Frustrating to go from this to being floored but can’t be help. Have also passed it onto Kat so now as I get better she isn’t very well. Hopefully by the end of this week we will both be healthy again as can get back out in the hills.


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