Not everyone’s cup of tea

Peterhead: The inside story of Scotland’s Toughest Prison by Robert Jeffery I am sure is not everyone’s cup of tea. However if you want to learn how Peterhead got it’s name of being the toughest prison then this book is for you or if interested how the prison service has evolved again this is the book for you.

I found it a fascinating read and couldn’t put it down, had it finished in 2 days.  It was interesting for me to learn a bit about local history especially at the moment where history is in the making with the opening of the new prison HMP Grampian. After reading the book change whatever it brings is very much for the better.

So if prisons, crimes, convicts interest you then have a read of this book or if fancy coming out of your comfort zone then give the book a go. It might question some beliefs that you have about how prisoners should be treated but isn’t that what literature is for: to question our ideas and open our eyes to different pathways of thought.

If you do decide to read hope you enjoy or at least finish the book.


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