Date Night

Went on a date last night with Kat. Don’t think it matters how long you have been together it is still important to date. Go out and do something special.

What did we do?

Dinner at Nandos and then went to see Ghost the Musical at the theatre.

Both of us love Nandos; when something simple is done well it can be great and not require anything else. What can get more simple that chicken and chips but yet so delicious.

I’m not the biggest fan of musicals but Kat really likes them and she loves the film so got us tickets for Ghost a few weeks ago. Would have to say I absolutely loved it; great effects, music, singing and acting. Didn’t cry but still an emotional production to watch, there were quite a few people crying in the audience including guys ( nothing wrong with that at all just not something that you usually see). Watching anything where one half of the couple dies when in love always have more of an effect as you put yourself in their footsteps. I can’t imagine what I would do if anything happened to Kat.

Best quote that we overhead when leaving was a lady saying “it’s really like the film only with more music and singing” wow! Good sum up of a musical take of a film.

The only thing I would have changed it where we were sitting, got balcony seats ( better known as up in the gods) as the cheapest seats. The height didn’t bother me but really not a lot of leg room at all.

Overall a very successful date night.




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