“Best Laid Schemes”

So the week that has just passed was meant to be my first week of training for the Tough Mudder and Ben Nevis. Monday morning woke up feel stiff and a cough coming on, tried to ignore it but no such luck. Monday at work had to be one of the longest day ever, felt stiff, cold and awful all day.

Have had the flu all week, been hard enough to get from the bed to the sofa never mind do anything else. Tuesday and Wednesday I felt like death and sounded like a zombie. My fever broke on Thursday so have started to feel better little by little since then. Now I have a chesty cough and voice isn’t back to normal but apart from that I am a lot better.

Going to see how I am this week to how much training I can do. Essentially giving myself a pass as need to get better before can start training. Hopefully can get to the gym and stuff this week but will see how I am with being back at work. Don’t want to push myself too much when recovering from being ill, will save the push when I am better.

Fitting fit last sunday.

Fighting fit last sunday.

Photo is from the top of Scolty Hill last Sunday, this is when I was well. Frustrating to go from this to being floored but can’t be help. Have also passed it onto Kat so now as I get better she isn’t very well. Hopefully by the end of this week we will both be healthy again as can get back out in the hills.


A Moment of Madness

So last Wednesday I signed up for Tough Mudder in Scotland. Here is the link for people who don’t know what I am talking about: http://toughmudder.co.uk/events/scotland-2014/. Essentially it is an 10-12 mile run in mud with a lot of crazy obstacles thrown in which again involve mud and freezing water.

Am I insane? Probably but at the same time it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. My training will involve finding mud and crawling about in it, of course with a lot more, but that alone makes it an awesome event. I am a mixture of terrified and excited, just hoping can get my fitness up to a good level. Have managed to persuade one of my friends to do it with me so will have a training buddy and the hope is find a few more people to join up with to make a team.

Not only have I signed up to do this but the actual event the week before I climb Ben Nevis at night so a lot of training is going to have to happening in the next few months. Will be spending a lot of my time outside getting wet, cold and tired – can’t wait! Do need to be hitting the gym a lot as well; especially to work on my upper body strength a fair bit to be able to do monkey bars. Variety is going to be the key to training for this which should hopefully mean it stays interesting and don’t get too bored by it.

Plan to take photos of myself each week to hopefully start to notice a difference. Took some today; that in itself is a good incentive to get out training.

Plan for this week coming is:

Sunday – Hill walk

Monday – Gym

Tuesday – Circuits outside

Wednesday – Gym

Thursday – Circuits outside

Friday – Skipping

Saturday – Rest Day

As well as this Kat and I are also going to be doing a routine in the flat with dumb bells and exercises to work on abs every evening.

Now that I have signed up for this there is no thinking that I can’t be bothered going to the gym or go outside in bad weather I have to train. I am looking forward to getting started and pushing myself.

Tough mudder


Image from http://www.run4cancer.org

Not everyone’s cup of tea

Peterhead: The inside story of Scotland’s Toughest Prison by Robert Jeffery I am sure is not everyone’s cup of tea. However if you want to learn how Peterhead got it’s name of being the toughest prison then this book is for you or if interested how the prison service has evolved again this is the book for you.

I found it a fascinating read and couldn’t put it down, had it finished in 2 days.  It was interesting for me to learn a bit about local history especially at the moment where history is in the making with the opening of the new prison HMP Grampian. After reading the book change whatever it brings is very much for the better.

So if prisons, crimes, convicts interest you then have a read of this book or if fancy coming out of your comfort zone then give the book a go. It might question some beliefs that you have about how prisoners should be treated but isn’t that what literature is for: to question our ideas and open our eyes to different pathways of thought.

If you do decide to read hope you enjoy or at least finish the book.


blog ph

‘Behind a Mortuary Door’

Ever wondered what happens behind a mortuary door, what a pathologist gets up to but through his own eyes? Like learning about a doctor but through the eyes of his nurse. Then this is the book for you.

Murder on the Home Front is a non-fiction account by Molly Lefebure as her time working with Dr. Keith Simpson. It is a fascinating insight to the world of a forensic pathologist told in a very understanding, funny and interesting way. As well as seeing the world behind the mortuary door you also get to know about what London was like during the Second War.

I throughly enjoyed the book and would place it high on recommendation list.


Date Night

Went on a date last night with Kat. Don’t think it matters how long you have been together it is still important to date. Go out and do something special.

What did we do?

Dinner at Nandos and then went to see Ghost the Musical at the theatre.

Both of us love Nandos; when something simple is done well it can be great and not require anything else. What can get more simple that chicken and chips but yet so delicious.

I’m not the biggest fan of musicals but Kat really likes them and she loves the film so got us tickets for Ghost a few weeks ago. Would have to say I absolutely loved it; great effects, music, singing and acting. Didn’t cry but still an emotional production to watch, there were quite a few people crying in the audience including guys ( nothing wrong with that at all just not something that you usually see). Watching anything where one half of the couple dies when in love always have more of an effect as you put yourself in their footsteps. I can’t imagine what I would do if anything happened to Kat.

Best quote that we overhead when leaving was a lady saying “it’s really like the film only with more music and singing” wow! Good sum up of a musical take of a film.

The only thing I would have changed it where we were sitting, got balcony seats ( better known as up in the gods) as the cheapest seats. The height didn’t bother me but really not a lot of leg room at all.

Overall a very successful date night.