Haven’t blogged in a week which is the longest I haven’t since I have started blogging. Was  away from home for a few days: on a dental course wednesday and thursday. ( Was on Root Canal Treatment if anyone is interested) Then was up in Ullapool visiting family. Really enjoying being apart of the blogging world and it is something that I want to keep up with.

Before New Year came around I was talking about 2014 being a year of activity ( https://thatkitchendrawer.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/activity/ ) as well as a few resolutions, I then set myself two activities for January: spreadsheet of savings and go to the gym at least once a week. How did I get on?

  • Have been to the gym twice this month so two weeks out of five, not the best I give you however it is twice more than I have in a very long time.
  • Set up a spreadsheet for my direct debits so I can see exactly how much is coming out each month. Hopefully that helps as plan to come more and more out of my overdraft each month.

Activities to aim for for February:

  • Go the gym more than twice in the month
  • Blog at least twice a week
  • Read at least two books.

Let’s see what February brings!



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