Money, Sex, Drugs and More Money

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The Wolf of Wall Street is a film based on the true story of Jordan Belfort and being a stock broker on Wall Street. And what does he have: money, money and money along with a hell of a lot of drugs and sex.

It’s not my favourite film that I have seen but still enjoyed it, though a long film didn’t feel like it particularly dragged. There is a few times towards the end when you think the film is going to end but keeps on going. There didn’t seem to be that much of a plot but as Kat said earlier when we were talking about it; it is based on a true story and life doesn’t really have a plot.

I don’t really understand that much to do with the stock markets so didn’t hugely follow that part however would be interested to read the book. Not a film that I would rush to see again but glad to have seen it.


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