Another Weekend, Another Book

Seem to be getting into a bit of routine with reading a book each week and finishing it at the weekends. Sometimes can take me quite a while to finish a book if I’m not in the reading mood so really enjoying going through one a week at the moment.

Book for this week was Empire Antarctica by Gavin Francis.

Book blog


The book last year was named Scottish Book of the Year ( and could see why. It was delight to read and learn more about the world of Antarctica including the isolation of seeing a winter there.

The book is about a Scottish GP who spends a year as base-camp doctor at Halley, Antarctica. If you are expecting a book about medical trials and tribulations then this isn’t the book for you. It isn’t about the medical side of his job  that much really but more about being a human being in a vast world of snow, ice, wind and no sun. Oh yeah don’t forget the penguins.

The quote at the front of the book by Robert MacFarlane I think sums it up perfectly

A beautifully written love letter to Antarctica and a wonderful evocation of companionship, loneliness and discovery





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