The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Just back from seeing the second hobbit film and very much enjoyed. When seeing the films feel you do have to forget the book and see the films as separate. A lot extra does get added in. Orlando Bloom I don’t feel was needed at all especially with his face requiring special effects to look young.

Martin Freeman is a very talent actor in whatever part he is playing, was weird seeing him as Bilbo Baggins after spending the last few days watching him as Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes.

As always love the scenery, just makes me want to go back to New Zealand.

Smaug was amazing, worth seeing the film just to watch him. One of my favourite parts of the film, the other was the barrels going down the river

Sat through all the credits to see the little bit at the end, disappointed there wasn’t one. However with all the time and effort every one puts into a film feel least we can do is seeing their name up on the big screen.


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