It is coming to that time of year where people start thinking about New Year Resolutions, whether it is the correct thing to do or not I think it is human nature. New Year gives everybody hope that things can change. Of course everything shouldn’t be pinned on the year changing, if you want to make a change then it can be any time of the year whether that be the 23rd of February, 5th of June, 21st of October or the 1st January. Having said that the beginning of the month at the start of a new year is as good as any time, fresh start and everything.

Does making a New Year Resolution set you up for failure? Yes of course it does but making a change in your life comes with failure. People make resolutions because they want to do something different whether that means diet, exercise, seeing friends more whatever it is but change is never easier and it isn’t a one way path. 1 step forward, 2 steps back and because people have it in their mind-set that no one really keeps new year resolutions then soon as people reach a hurdle they either don’t both to jump or if they fall they don’t try again. There is a big difference between having a lapse and relapsing; trying to eat healthier and having one takeaway doesn’t mean you have failed it means you are human so let yourself have a lapse and then continue on wards.

The down fall for resolutions is people make a long list of what they want to change but they aren’t small changes like turn the lights off when leaving a room empty, no they are stop smoking, eat more fruit, drink less, do more exercise. Things that at another time of year you would just be focusing on one.

I am the same as everybody else and could come up with a long unachievable list of things I would like to change but I am going to resist. Instead I am going to give 2014 a theme and that theme is going to be activity. Each month I am going to give myself two activities that I want to aim to do but overall just to be an active person. Take whatever meaning you want from that but I don’t just mean exercise; if something needs doing that I will do it rather than putting it off, I want to be doing more in my days. Sometimes my activity will be actually physically inactive like reading a book but will still be doing something. Want to be more active towards my life, two definite goals for each month but doesn’t mean that’s all I have to do. Accept opportunities and new experiences.

So my two activities from January are one I want to go to the gym at least once a week; I used to go quite a look but have always found it easier being outdoors however got events coming up that going to the gym would be helpful for. If it is more than once a week then great but not going to beat myself up about it if I don’t. Second one is what to start a spreadsheet on my computer to monitor my spending and savings, do this already but just on paper so what something a bit more organised. Not very exciting but active towards my life.

Lets see how I get on!





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