Dark, windy, snowing and you have slipped high up in the hills. Help!

Ever find yourself inspired by a book you read, a film you see, a conversation you have. What might feel like a light bulb moment, that you have come across something that you are meant to do, that you feel you would be good at. It may be something you can walk into straight away or something that will take days/months/years to achieve. Yes you may have the naivety of the unknown but even though you can acknowledge it may not be easy that is what makes it seem even more attractive.

This was a moment that I had when last year I read Cairngorm John.

(Cairngorm John by John Allen is printed by Sandstone Press and retails for £8.99.)

Cairngorm John is an extremely well written book which you get a wonderful insight into the workings of a mountain rescue team. It is a must read for anyone who has an interest in the outdoors: Dark, windy, snowing you have slipped high up in the hills. Who do you call? Once I started reading it couldn’t put it down and so far have read it twice.

Another book that I would recommend is Mountain Rescue Doctor by Dr. Van Tilburg. An emergency room physician, ski patrol doctor and emergency wilderness physician who is apart of the Hood River Crag Rats. The book is based in America but still I feel very relevant to anyone going outdoors through out the world. Again gives a great insight to the world of Mountain Rescue and what these people put themselves through to save a life.

Mountain Rescue Doctor: Wilderness Medicine in the Extremes of Nature

(Published by St.Martin’s Griffin. I bought the book through Amazon)

So if you haven’t already guessed my light bulb moment is that I want to be a part of a mountain rescue team. This isn’t something which is going to be easy, one getting to the stage where I feel able to have a chance of being on the team but also the biggest challenge will be when I make it to the team . However for me to even to the starting line at the moment I have a lot of work to put in. I need to increase fitness overall, improve navigation skills, learn about winter walking/climbing and get experience of that etc etc etc the list goes on but I love the outdoors, I am young, healthy and have the desire to follow this through. Everyone is a loved one of somebody and if I have a chance of being there for them in their time of need then I want to do my damn hardest to achieve that.

Just because I may not necessary be at the stage of volunteering doesn’t mean there isn’t anything I can do. As with every service especially a volunteer service funding is always a big issue so when I found out Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team ( www.AMRT.org.uk, www.justgiving.com/aberdeenmountainrescue, also on facebook under Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team) did a calendar I jumped at the chance to get it. A ten pound donation seems little for one a beautiful calendar and two for what the team does.

BlogBlog 2


I will be proud to have this up for 2014 and looking forward to purchasing them in future years.

A part of this blog will be about my training to being able to volunteer for a mountain rescue team which for the beginning next year will also tie in nicely for my training for Ben Nevis Mountain Challenge ( https://thatkitchendrawer.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/ben-nevis-midnight-challenge/ ). My aim is to be at the stage where I feel I could volunteer or at least very close by the time I am 30. So that gives me just over 2 years, better get on with it then.



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