What’s behind the name

Welcome to my blog. Have tried to start blogs before but never really got any where with them however after reading “Blog Inc. Blogging for Passion,Profit and to Create Community” by Joy Deangdeelert Cho it is something that I want to seriously get in to. So this is me giving it a go and this is my very first post. Where better to begin but from where I got the name from.


Everyone had that drawer in their kitchen where they will find everything and anything: torches,matches, instruction manuals and lots lots more. Don’t know where else to put it so into the drawer it goes. That’s kinda what this blog is going to be like, being new to the blogging world I don’t know what direction I want to take with it. 

I am a 27 year old female from Scotland, engaged, gay, work as a dentist, in to photography, outdoors,books,films,music, own a rat, signed up to do Ben Nevis at night for charity, going to be a volunteer at the Commonwealth games 2014 in Glasgow etc etc etc etc. So at the moment I am going to blog about everything and anything. 

Hope that was okay as a first post.

Photo: Unless I say all the photos that I post will be ones that I have taken and will also say where they from. This is me in Corrie Fee on the way up Mayar which is a Munro in Scotland.Image


3 thoughts on “What’s behind the name

  1. Love the idea for the blog name 🙂

    Ah – the magnificent Corrie Fee… I did Driesh and Mayar on a very gloomy day with cloud down to the bunkhouse roof so neglected to take my camera up the hill… of course, when I was descending off Mayar into Corrie Fee, it had to come out looking all spectacular and me having no means to record it, didn’t it? sigh!

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