If it’s not broke …..

Have just re water proofed my leather boots which I have had for over 15 years. Very satisfying looking after them and keeping them going. 

They have served me well so far and wish to get a good few more years out of them. As they say if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. Buy good equipment and then look after it. 


Need the fitness

A month ago I went on a mountain biking course up at Glenmore lodge near Aviemore. Was great fun and learnt loads but the main thing that I got from it is that I need to be a hell of a lot fitter. Need to get fitter for mountain biking and walking, generally just fitter!

Today went for a cycle down at Loch Ard. Beautiful day for it. 
Haven’t been out on my bike since the course and could definitely tell. Had to walk up a couple of hills that I usually make however did make it down a hill that I have always found far to steep. Need to get out more that is for sure. Great exercise for Maia as well, she is now knackered from it. At the end of the ride she was looking at me like ‘can I just walk now?’

Feel at the moment that have all the gear but just not the fitness to put it into action. 

Not 100% true but the main thing that I need to work on. This weekend have also felt a bit more sluggish which I think is down to the fact that food that I have eaten in the past week hasn’t been the healthiest. Need the right fuel!

90 day break

So much for trying to blog more often. That yet again has failed! How do people write regularly, do you set aside a certain time where you will write a blog? Do you write something everyday? Would be good to know. I do really want to keep blogging but it is finding the time and the motivation to do it. 

It is now the first of November so maybe try for this to be a fresh start.

Halloween has been so all the spirits are now at rest. Kat was down in Nottingham for her best mates birthday so was just me and Maia. Didn’t get upto much: a good walk and then the rugby World Cup final ( yay the All Blacks won!) finished off with X factor. Was a good Saturday. 


New Shoes

Not one for looking or buying new shoes for the sake of it but when do see a pair I like I usually really like them. 

Have wanted to get a pair of five ten mountain biking shoes for ages and last week I finally ordered myself a pair. They arrived yesterday!!! 

Now today I am about to go try them out for the first time with Kat and Maia. First time we have all been out for a cycle together , Maia loved it the last time when just me and her as she could just run and run and run. 

Time to get muddy!

Laughs in the morning

One of the things that I love about my relationship with Kat is how much simple fun we have.  

Like this morning:

This box was used to transport all of Kat’s wool, she has a lot though probably not enough in her eyes. The wool got unpacked quite a while ago but for ages she has wanted to get a picture in this box so can put the caption: ‘ if I fits I sits, if I sits I knits’. Cause this of course what one must do with a box.  

Afterwards I then had to push her over in it and pour her out of it. As I said the simple things but great fun.